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Tel: 0740 3326 026

Email: info@notfromape.co.uk

We are based in Chesterfield UK.

Our products are usually made to order by us using base products that have been ethically approved from external sources.

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not from ape provides creative Christian Design services to equip the Christian Church with a resource for personal and community outreach, helping the Church to shine the light of the salvation of Jesus for the whole world to see.
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Hello and thank you for visiting this website, I hope that you have found what you are looking for.

If you have not heard of not from ape before then please let me introduce myself - my name is Laura and not from ape is the trading name for the design work and clothing that I produce with the aid of my family.

I have a wonderfully loving and supportive husband, Richard and two  young daughters who give great encouragement for the designs and products that myself and Richard produce.  

Richard is of course my great salesman  too! I am not a great sales driver, but the ‘pen-to-paper’ worker, God gives me the ideas for the designs to produce clothing, some may be simple, others a little more intricate but each have a message of truth that I believe should be shared.

not from ape is a calling to witness, to share the truth of God’s word, to stand firm on Biblical Foundations and equip others with clothing that will encourage other to outwardly show their faith and for them to witness the gospel of Jesus to the people around them.

Please read more about us, our vision and why we believe that what we do is for God.

Our Vision

The name ‘not from ape’ is a simple statement of belief, we believe...

Garment Care

About our products, sizing and how best to look after your garment...

Ethical Trading

We source our products where they are proven to be ethically made...

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Delivery and Returns Information

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Terms and Conditions

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Statement of Faith

I am not from ape, you are not from ape. We were created...


Gospel Message

The purpose of not from ape is to share the gospel. The gospel...

Links to Christian Resources

Don’t just take our word for it, here are groups who have factual info...

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