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We are based in Chesterfield UK.

Our products are usually made to order by us using base products that have been ethically approved from external sources.

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not from ape provides creative Christian Design services to equip the Christian Church with a resource for personal and community outreach, helping the Church to shine the light of the salvation of Jesus for the whole world to see.
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Other Christian Faith Websites:

We don’t want you just to take our word for what we say, here are a few other websites you can look at that back up or add to what we have written in our Statement of Faith and the Gospel Message Page.

We are not here to deceive others but to spread the word of truth so that all peoples and all nations may hear the gospel of salvation and know that Jesus is Lord.

If you want to be added to our links, please contact us.


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For a creative way to share the gospel check out what OneWay UK has to offer, with puppets and so much more, these guys have some wonderful products to help you witness to the world around you.


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